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From the magnificent national parks, with some of Africa's best wildlife spotting opportunities, to the buzzing cities, the gorgeous beaches and fantastic coastal scenery, South Africa really offers alot for travellers. To truly understand the country, you must take the time to engage with people across the broad spectrum of social and economic backgrounds. It is a country that has had struggled with poverty, the AIDS pandemic and most recently violence. However, major strides are in place to address these issues and provide a nurturing environment ahead of the world's biggest event - FIFA World Cup 2010. Come and see for yourself the kaleidescope that is the "Rainbow Nation."

From the beauty of the landscape to the warmth and spirit of the people, South Africa is a country sure to leave you with fond memories - and a desire to return!

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See the country, meet the people, and most of all, enjoy South Africa! You can easily find and book accommodation by going to our South Africa Accommodation page, then select the destination. Alternatively, go to our South Africa Map and choose where you would like to stay. We have a number of destinations around South Africa - check out the things to see and do in our South Africa Destination Guide!

For the traveller, though, this is a part of what tends to make South Africa such a vibrant, fascinating country. In a country of such transcendent beauty, the warmth, spirit and general friendliness of the people is something that will make a visit here seem like more than just a holiday. And with the abundance of things to see and do, your first trip to South Africa is likely to just increase your desire to return, to see more of the "Rainbow Nation".

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